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The simple way to share your true sound.

StageSound is a Mac OS app that provides a simple way to share a professionally sounding music performance online.


Compatible with all major video chat and streaming platforms, StageSound seamlessly connects you to your audience.


The intuitive design means there is no lengthy set-up process, just drag and drop your tracks, adjust your levels, and start streaming.


StageSound’s behind the scenes processing and audio routing ensures your audience will hear you as you truly sound.

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Add musical tracks and craft the perfect playlist to perform along with. All major sound file formats are automatically compatible,  including iTunes .m4a, so there's no limit to how creative your sets can be.

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Easily select your favourite input device. Whether that is the standard built in microphone or an external mic, StageSound will have you sounding your best with its easy to use built in reverb.

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Hear things exactly the way you like them. Your own personal headphone mix is independently  customisable so you can perform at your best, whilst your audience hears exactly what you want them to.

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Set the perfect balance so your audience can truly hear you. The inbuilt record function means you can easily capture every performance, which is great for quick demos, or to even release later. 

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StageSound is instantly compatible with the majority of streaming platforms or video chat applications.


Just select StageSound as your microphone or input device and you are ready to stream. It really is that simple. 

System Requirements

Operating System:

Input Device:

Output Device:

StageSound Version:

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OSX 10.13 High Sierra or above.

Works with the built in microphone, but for the best possible sound we recommend using an external mic. Bluetooth microphones are not currently supported.

Compatible with any output device, including the internal speakers. But to avoid feedback we recommend always using headphones to monitor your own sound.


Free Trial

StageSound offers a free but fully featured trial mode. Just download the app and discover how it can instantly improve your workflow. Then when you are ready to upgrade to the full version, easily purchase and activate the lifetime licence to make StageSound yours to use forever. 

Volume Licence

We also know whether you are producing an online concert or conducting virtual music lessons, that making sure everyone has access to high quality sound should be easy. That's why we offer affordable volume and institutional licences for StageSound. To discuss your requirements contact us.

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