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The Team

StageSound was created when three theatre professionals realised there was no simple way to perform online with high quality sound. They saw a myriad of virtual concerts where a performer would have the correct equipment but would still resort to using several devices at the same time just to be able to play a baking track whilst singing. They quickly knew a solution needed to be made and after consulting with a range of performing artists and producers about the best way to help they created StageSound. 


Christian Czornyj

Writer, Composer and Sound Designer making new theatre work that embraces technology and uses electronic sound. Most  recently with award winning new musical STAGES at Vault Festival.

Adam Lenson

Director and Producer specialising in new musical theatre. Produces SIGNAL ONLINE, a multi location live streamed concert series and works as a digital consultant for music and performance. 

Richard Williamson

Freelance Lighting Designer, Production Manager and Theatre Consultant working in the UK and internationally. Other industry apps include Shift-Label and Shift-Patch for eos consoles, and PlayFadePause for simple audio playback on iOS devices.

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